Poem: Caged, by Agnum McCire


When the smile fades and you can’t replace
There’s a burning cold and you can’t hold
It stays wild but you fight to be bold
The storm is up when your game is on
And sturdy you stand than a foot in the sand

A voice of despair
And no sound to repair
A whisper to give in
But there’s a nudge to hold on
Hold on and move on

It is puzzling to say
And gets no easier to sail
When you’re squeezed and you want to wail
But deep lies an arrest without bail
And now a prisoner of your soul that’s now frail

You listen to the echoes of your breathing
The sound of your heart pounding
And the desperate chattering of your teeth
When your skin grows cold and pale
What more could make it less a jail?

– Agnum McCire

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