Poem: Does She Know?, by Agnum McCire

Love is in the Air_allebookskenya

Even in the thick and dark night
Her exquisite presence lingers on
Like a vicious creature from a mythical tale
She torments and possesses and pleases

Her calm visage is no elementary piece of art
More of a twisted scientific theory
A fascinating tale whose very core is impenetrable
Not a fish drawn from the shallow waters

Of subtle nature as the soul
And alas she possesses that elusive element
Toilsome to decipher what she conceals
Four conjoined ascriptions, radically distinctive and without equal

Some feelings lack earthborn illustration
Perhaps the cosmos is indeed a wild place
The planet so vast turns once between dusk and dawn
But thou beauty though tender turns umpteen times

More than he could care to remember
All he has are the very celebrated wishes
If only it could be perfect for a day
Not the innumerable times she turns in his head
If only she knew

– Agnum McCire


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